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Upcoming Menu
The Grandstand Restaurant

Upcoming Menu


Summer 2022



Tomato & basil soup served with a bread roll Ⓥ (RGF) (VG) (463 Kcal)


Tandoori chicken served with mint yogurt & onion coriander salad (GF) (351 Kcal)


Brussels pate served with tomato & chili chutney, melba toast (RGF) (463 Kcal)


Stuffed portobello mushroom with feta & red onion mushroom, balsamic glaze, herb oil Ⓥ (RGF) (277 Kcal)



Chicken breast wrapped in smoked bacon served with roasted garlic & rosemary new potatoes, mixed greens, cider cream sauce (GF) (610 Kcal)


Lemon & thyme pork steak served with mashed potato, mixed greens, jus (GF) (740)


Home-made beef burger served in a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, red onion served with Cajun & potato wedges & barbeque dip (RGF) (658 Kcal)


Herb crusted Hoki fillet served with mashed potato, mixed greens, dill cream sauce (RGF) (670 Kcal)


Spinach & ricotta tortellini with tomato & Basil sauce, shaved parmesan Ⓥ (517 Kcal)


Sweet potato & chickpea loaf, roasted garlic & rosemary new potatoes Ⓥ (VG) (GF)

(599 Kcal)



Cream-filled profiteroles served with chocolate sauce & crushed hazelnut (450 Kcal)


Apple crumble served with vanilla custard (GF) (413 Kcal)


Chocolate fudge cake served with vanilla ice cream & caramel sauce (479 Kcal)


              Vegan sticky toffee pudding with vegan vanilla ice cream (GF) (VG) (424 Kcal)


Additional Side Orders - £2.50 each


Fries (252 Kcal)


Onion rings (217 Kcal)


Garlic bread (232 Kcal)


V - vegetarian / GF - gluten free / VG - vegan free / RGF – Request gluten free


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